aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_allied_fleet_destroyed Bah! Our esteemed ally has turned about, leaving us to the mercy of our foes! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_allied_general_killed Our ally has fallen to the enemy my lord! A terrible loss! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_building_captured We have captured a building, my lord! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_admiral_killed Their general has fallen! A devastating loss for the enemy! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_allied_general_killed The enemy has lost a vital ally, my lord! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_ally_destroyed Their ally has abandoned them! Now we have them! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_captured_building They have captured a building, my lord! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_captured_strategic_point They now control a key position, my lord! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_fort_about_to_be_captured The fort is but moments from being ours, sir! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_fort_getting_captured Onwards, sir, onwards, the fort is falling! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_gates_captured The gates are ours! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_general_killed My lord, their general has fallen! A cutting blow! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_has_gatling_guns My Lord; the enemy army contains the deadly gatling gun weapon True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_hidden_unit_spotted Hidden units, my lord, treacherously meant to ambush us! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_naval_bombardment Naval bombardment incoming! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_reinforcements Beware! Enemy reinforcements have arrived my lord! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_tower_captured We have captured their tower, my lord! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_tower_destroyed Our weapons made short work of their tower! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_enemy_walls_breached The walls are destroyed! Into the breach! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_losing All hope is failing, my lord! The battle is almost done! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_admiral_attacked Our general is under threat, my lord! He is too important to lose! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_admiral_killed Our general has fallen, my lord! Our men are shaken by this terrible event! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_allied_hidden_unit_spotted The enemy has discovered our ally's hidden troops! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_ally_attacked Our allies are under attack! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_ally_destroyed My lord! Our ally has fled, abandoning us to the enemy! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_fort_about_to_be_captured Sir! We cannot hold this position much longer! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_fort_getting_captured Sir, our defences are breached and failing! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_gates_lost Our gate has fallen to the enemy! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_general_attacked Our general is in grave danger, my lord! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_general_injured Our general has been injured, my lord! He lives, but must leave the battle! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_general_killed This is a black day! Our general has fallen , my lord. True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_hidden_unit_spotted Our hidden units have been discovered my lord! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_naval_bombardment Sir! The enemy have called in a bombardment. It may target our position! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_reinforcements Reinforcements have arrived! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_ship_being_boarded Here they come! Prepare to repel boarders! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_ship_boom Our ship has exploded! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_ship_demasted One of our ships has lost its sails! It may not last much longer in such a state! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_ship_lost Our ship has been destroyed! All hands are lost! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_ship_on_fire Fire! One of our ships has been set ablaze! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_ship_routed One of our ships is withdrawing! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_ship_surrendered One of our ships has chosen dishonour, my lord! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_ship_within_coastal_battery Beware! Our ship is in range of a coastal battery True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_tower_destroyed Our tower has fallen to their fire! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_tower_lost The enemy have taken a tower! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_unit_exhausted The men are fatigued, my lord, and some must rest! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_unit_line_of_sight_obstructed We cannot see our targets but will try to hit them True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_unit_lost Our entire unit has perished, my lord! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_unit_out_of_ammo One of our units have used all its ammunition, my lord. True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_unit_routed Our men are running from the battlefield: a shameful display! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_unit_suppressed One of our units is under suppression fire! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_own_walls_breached Our walls crumble under the pounding of their weapons! True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_player_is_attacker My Lord, a friendly reminder that you are the attacker True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_player_is_defender My Lord, a friendly reminder that you are the defender True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_torpedo_near Beware! A torpedo approaches our fleet True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_weather_rain The weather looks ominous, my lord! We should be wary of misfires. True
aide_de_camp_speeches_text_adc_winning My lord, a glorious victory will soon be yours! True